Top 10 Plant Based Foods High in Protein Fare

Top 10 Plant Based Foods High in Protein Fare

People nowadays are migrating from animal products to Plant-Based Foods. As the Academy of nutrition has stated that the plant-based foods are high in protein and healthier in nutrition than meat items. Plant-based foods high in protein recipes can meet all the nutritional requirements of humans of any age.

Plant-Based foods High in Protein including soybeans and quinoa are been considered fully protein-dense foods. Moreover, they’ve been notarized as the source of essential nutrients and amino acids. But, to get the complete fairs varied diets should be considered as well.

A well said is, Plant-Based Foods/Vegan Diets can meet all of your nutrient needs than other foods. And after exhaustive research, we’ve found some diets full of beneficial results, which you must view and adopt to get favorable impacts.

1. Tofu as Meat Substitute

Tofu is a Soy-Based product and is considered the Vegan Diet rich in proteins. Every ½ cup of tofu (soybean curds) contains 10 g of protein. Some people use Tofu in their recipes as it gives them the meat flavor. In this way, they can meet their meat desire too by continuing the vegan diet.

Tofu is considered as the popular substitute in some chicken recipes including kung-pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken products. This substitute holds a good level of nutrients, calcium, and proteins.

2. Lentils

Instead to adopt a new diet plan you can add Lentils to your current diet. The cooked Lentils of Green, Yellow, Red, and Black color contain protein, fiber, potassium, and key nutrients up to 8.84g with every ½ cup usage.

To get a good amount of proteins the addition of Lentils in lunches and supper including stews, curries, salads, and rice recipes can provide a higher amount of proteins.

3. Chickpeas

The addition of chickpeas in stews and spices can enlarge their flavor even after roasted in the oven. Every ½ cup of chickpeas able to gives you 7.25g of proteins.  You can add chickpeas to your lunch or dinner plans to get nutrients instead to order online recipes.

Chickpea paste which is also called Hummus can be added to sandwiches or curries to make it healthier.  Hummus can also be used as an alternative to Butter. It’s also called a protein-rich alternative to butter.

4. Chia Seeds Good for Heart Health

Sprinkling Chia Seeds on plant-based yogurt mix them with almond milk to make pudding or drenched them in water and let them dry. These formats of Chia Seeds make it able to provide a good rate of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The fibers and omega-3 fatty acids keep the heart in a healthier form.

5. Potatoes

Many Leafy Greens contain proteins and even alone eating can meet the daily protein requirements. Potatoes come in the list of that leafy greens to whom if you baked and eat. Then this’ll allow you 8g of proteins per serving.

Instead to add butter-covered if you add Hummus in potatoes to make snacks. This increases the nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C content in your food.

6. Whole Grain Bread

A slice of Whole Grain Bread can give you 6g of proteins. If you use Whole Grain Bread on daily basis then it can fulfill your daily protein requirements as it contains a good amount of proteins.

The proteins can maintain your digestive system and helps to remove the chances of certain diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

7. Seitan

Seitan can also be used as an alternative to chicken and is considered a popular source of protein in vegans. It’s made from gluten and also called wheat gluten as it resembles the texture of meat after cooking.

The 3.5 ounces contain 25 grams of proteins. That’s why it is considered the richest plant-based source of proteins. The existence of iron, calcium, and phosphorus makes it the best meat alternative food.

8. Beans and Rice

If you are on the hunt to find a food with much protein then beans and rice will be a perfect choice. Beans and rice together can allow having 7g of proteins per cup.

The best way to get proteins from these foods is to add beans and rice as side dishes. And together with hummus and spread of Ezekiel bread makes it more protein-dense food.

9. Nutritional Yeast as Popular Ingredient

Nutritional Yeast is also known as a Yellow powder or flakes. In the recipe of mashed potatoes, the nutritional yeast brings a cheesy flavor. Because of its amazing flavor Nutritional Yeast is considered a popular ingredient.

It can be sprinkled over a pasta recipe to bring a new flavor. This plant-based food can provide zinc, magnesium, copper, and vitamin B including 14g of proteins and 7g of fiber per ounce.

10. Green Peas

A cup of cooked Green Peas can give you 9g of proteins which are quite more than a cup of milk. Green Peas are a good source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and vitamin A, B, C, and K. From the days of your food requirements Green Peas provide you 25% of proteins.


Plant-based diets and powders can provide you enough amounts of several types of proteins. But somehow they’re a complete or incomplete source of proteins. There are some nutrition’s and proteins which can only be got by intake of meat items. So before adopting any diet the consultation with your vet should be the main priority.

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