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The health of babies (infancy) is of great importance. It is also a very critical period in life as it sets the foundation of a long and healthy life. The good health of babies decreases the chronic and acute diseases risk factor. So, it is advised to take good health care of your infants to give them a healthy life ahead. With all the other essentials which include the following give them healthy food for their internal and external good health.

Layette and clothing


Baby bath products

Grooming kit

Sleep needs



Nutrition is very important at every age. Healthy and nutritious food to the babies boosts up their immunity and protects them from several diseases which is very common in the infancy period. Your baby needs healthy food to grow strong and healthy. Here we have some benefits of giving healthy food to your babies.

Healthy weight

Good heart health

Improves brain health

Strong bones

Strong teeth

Better mood

Good energy level

Improves memory

Meal Ideas For 12-24 Months Old Baby

As we discussed the baby health and the importance of healthy food for the babies to make them grow strong and have better health so, now we will pour light on the food and the healthy meal ideas. Processed and commercial baby food loses vitamins and essential minerals while manufacturing so here we have some food ideas which are healthy, inexpensive, nutritious, easy to make, and best of all for your children. These sorts of foods are basically recommended for the age of 12-24 months.

Banana puree

01. Pea puree

Pea puree is rich in nutrition which includes vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, and protein

02. Banana puree

Banana puree is the perfect meal for babies as it contains all the essential potassium and fiber.

03. Avocado puree

Babies love to see the creamy texture of the avocado puree. It is rich in good fats and also helps in brain development.

04. Brown rice cereal

Rice cereal is easy to make and easily digested.

05. Baked sweet potato

Baked sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin, fiber, and anti-oxidants properties.

06. Pumpkin thyme puree

It is full of beta carotene, potassium, and iron.

07. Spinach and white yams

Spinach and white yams are a healthy dose of calcium and iron.

08. Banana and avocado food

This baby food is rich in potassium, vitamin C, and good fats which are required for healthy growth.

09. Veggies

Potatoes, carrots, and peas are best as boiled and mashed veggies.

10. Quinoa banana mash

This food is a complete protein pack food for the babies.

11. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt with some cherries is a complete food as breakfast.

12. Creamy shred chicken

Shredded chicken with some cream provides all the essential minerals and nutrients to the babies.

13. Whitefish

Mash or shred the white fish is rich in omega 3 which plays a vital role in the development.

14. Mash blueberry and banana

It is rich in anti-oxidants with a little add of honey and cinnamon.

15. Apricot and banana food

Add a little bit of cinnamon with these fruits and this will help in immunity


These all above-mentioned meal ideas are very helpful in the development and growth of the babies so try the consume them in their diet as these are not time-consuming and highly nutritious.

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