Can You Eat Spicy Foods while Pregnant?

Spicy Foods while Pregnant

In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of eating spicy foods while pregnant.

Pregnancy is another name for multiple cravings. While being pregnant,  your taste bud might crave foods that are sweet, salty, or simply spicy!

And guess what?

The good news is that spicy food while pregnant is safe for you and your baby! Though they might cause some discomfort, especially indigestion, and might change the amniotic fluid.

However, if your body is accustomed to it, and the spicy foods have remained a part of your regular diet, then it won’t affect you much!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of having spicy foods while pregnant.


Spicy food comes with a few benefits while expecting. It would expose your baby to new tastes and save him from being a picky eater in the future.

Spicy food vs Plain Food

Babies explore new tastes.

During your pregnancy and while breastfeeding, babies get exposed to a variety of flavours. The foetus swallows the amniotic fluid, which contains the taste of spices, and by nine months can taste it.

 Thus, having spicy food during this time can strengthen the babies liking flavours, and they are more likely to accept the spices as they grow.

Heart Health.

Spicy foods are a saviour for heart health during pregnancy. This is because the consumption of spicy foods increases HDL and lowers LDL. HDL is the good cholesterol that kills the bad cholesterol LDL. In this way, heart strokes and chest congestion chances reduce.

In pregnancy, both of them increase, and thus, spicy foods intake would help flush out LDL.


Having lots of spicy foods during pregnancy can cause a few side effects. The heat of the hot and inflammatory flavours might be upsetting for your body. Let’s look at a few cons of spices for expecting moms.


Heartburn is quite common during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester.

It occurs when the muscles relax, which protects the oesophagus from stomach acids. This is primarily because, during pregnancy, the uterus expands, making the other organs congested and pushing back up the stomach acids to get pushed back up.

Consuming spicy foods might aggravate and worsen this effect. It’s preferable if you stay away from it.


As your pregnancy goes on, the digestion process gets slower and slower to the squishing of organs.

This may cause a feeling of discomfort after having food.

Spicy foods can further add to the discomfort in digestion due to their heat. However, that’s not 100 per cent true, especially if they were previously part of your diet.


Nausea commonly hits up during pregnancy from the first day till the last trimester and may continue for weeks or months!

Vomiting, food aversions and persistent nausea at the main symptoms

Spicy foods can worsen the effect and the chilli crackers, which might make you further uncomfortable while throwing up.

It is necessary to consume what the body finds acceptable only. Listen to your cravings!


Spicy foods don’t possess that disturbing side effects on your body. However, having a lot of them might be upsetting.

If you aren’t a fan of spices in your everyday life, keep a hand slow on spicy foods while pregnant.

Don’t sprinkle the chilli flakes in every meal. Drink lots of fluid and remain well hydrated.

The pregnant body should slowly and steadily get used to hot foods. Do not rush over the spicy foods. Instead, let your body accept them gradually.

Why do I crave spicy foods while pregnant?

Well, a lot of women crave specific food and flavours during their pregnancy. Researchers are still not sure what affects the way of the craving.

Though the old wives tale would predict the gender with the cravings that are not scientifically proven and lacks proper evidence.

Some researchers feel that the cravings vary from body to body, the hormonal changes and food likes and dislikes play an important role. Whereas on the other hand, it is believed that the cravings, in reality, trigger nutritional deficiencies in the body; however, if that’s the case, then You would far more crave broccoli and meat than spicy pasta or Tabasco sauce!


A believed myth among the women, a lot of them genuinely implement, is that spicy food triggers labour. A lot of women consume spicy foods to induce pain. Although, no scientific evidence has been found regarding it.

Some people believe that spicy foods cause contractions in the digestive system, which leads to natural pains.

Others believe that the heat of the spicy food causes further release of prostaglandins which makes labour move along.

Though it does increase the production of prostaglandins, diarrhoea, or uterine cramping doesn’t mean the start of the natural labour pains!

A survey carried out came to the fact that almost 700 women used several triggers, including spicy foods, to start labour. Most of the women were unable to detect a specific trigger except for acupuncture.


Spicy foods are a part of our diet, and they are beneficial for pregnancy as well.

If you crave spicy food during pregnancy, you should have it in your meal but in a balanced way.

Though discomforts can be there, they account for bodily changes as well. If your body is accustomed to spicy foods, then it will not affect your body.

Some people might feel disturbed by their consumption; however other expecting women enjoy the hot tastes throughout their three trimesters.

So, understand your body, maintain balance and have a healthy pregnancy!


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