Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide good, tasty, and quality food information to our users so they can enjoy a good meal and good health at the same time. In order to help you, make your meal plan flavorful, savory. toothsome and tasteful, we will consider the local food recipes and the food stories from your traditional sides. We will bring you the best meal ideas and restaurants around you to ease your food cravings.


Our Message

Food is something that brings joy and peace to the table. Good food can also make up your mood. So, we will provide food with the best taste variations around the globe so people can enjoy their favorite cuisine with a good nutritional value.

The Message of FoodyTechy Research Content Team

The content Team of FoodyTechy is excited to find you here and warmingly welcome to our place. Here we are committed to bringing you the best, whatever related to food and your meal in the Global Tech Era.  We are striving hard in our research and experience to bring a lovely meal to your table.